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Regular maintenance and acting as soon as possible will help prevent small problems becoming big problems.

We are back in full swing.  Melbournes weather has been impacting the flow of water, we have been experiencing a large number of call-outs for blocked drains and leaking roofs.


Roof leaks can be prevented with regular maintenance.  JRPM Services can provide a quarterly, regular gutter cleaning and roof inspection.  If we find an issue we can fix small repairs on the spot, before they become big repairs.


Blocked drains can be a bit more complicated (an maybe a bit awkward).


It is really important that large items are not forced down drains, or flushed down the toilet.  These items are most often feminine hygiene products (tampons etc...).  The other issue is the amount of toilet paper people use, especially when it is the quality stuff.  By design toilet paper doesn't break apart easily, this can restrict flow.


Externally drains can be blocked by leaves and sticks, if the area near the drain needs to be swept regularly and the debris placed in the green waste bins provided by council.  This prevents the debris being washed down the drain and exacerbating problems.


The biggest issue affecting drainage is trees.  Tree roots cause all sorts of damage, slowly overtime as the tree gets bigger and the roots get deeper, they start to strangle and invade the drains.  Like with most things the best cure here is prevention.  Plan your tree planing carefully.  It is really important to act early, as soon as you notice a problem contact JRPM Services and we can give you advice on what will be the best action to take.


Now is the time to prepare your properties air conditioning system for summer!

Prevention is better the a cure, so we are recommending a maintenance service of your investment property's hardest working appliance - the air conditioner.


A through maintenance check will address common causes of faults such as blocked filters, loose electrical terminals and failing motors that can lead to expensive repairs.


We can offer a discounted price of $240 for the service of the first unit and $120 for additional units, when tested at the same property, on the same visit.  if the system is a multi-head system additional units are $75 each (where the units are attached to the same condenser).


A service will include:

  • Clean return air filters (replace at extra cost if required)
  • Clean condenser coils
  • Run and test compressor
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Check indoor and outdoor fan motors
  • Check and flush drains
  • Check and test controls
  • Check covers and grilles
  • Check temperatures heating/cooling
  • Check anchoring on outdoor unit
  • Check and test electrical wiring

Every year we run the Aircon special, it is really popular and save our clients a lot of money.  Clean and re-gassing a system extends the life of your aircon and costs less then replacement.


"...tenants want a clean functional place with working features..."

How to attract the best tenant

Once you have purchased your investment property, and we have assumed here you did your research and understand the number one rule - location, location, location!  You can now start to look at the condition of the property and consider what you can do to get the maximum rental return.




If the property is going to be a long term rental, you want to minimise tenant turnover, not only so you don't have to pay the real estate agent fees, but also your want a tenant who will treat the property like a home, rather then temporary accommodation.


These tenants want a clean functional place with working features.


The kitchen should have working appliances, purchasing the cheapest cook top and oven is not recommended, it will always cost you more in the end.  We have attended some place where the owner has said "I don't know what the problem is, I lived there for 20 years and never had a problem with the oven"  This translates as -"the oven is 20 years old and probable needs to be replaced."


The bathroom needs to be functional with good ventilation.  Painting with mould proof paint is highly recommended.  It is not always necessary to do a complete bathroom renovation, but it may be necessary.  We attended many properties where major structural damage has occurred because of cracked tiles and either no water proofing or poorly done waterproofing.  If you see gaps between the sink and the bench or the bath and the wall, this could indicate an issue.


We had a client whose tenants moved out because they increased the rent, but would not replace carpets that were over 40 years old.  The place then sat empty for 5 months because no one would pay the asking rent of $2900/month.  Eventually they pulled the carpets up and polished the floors at a cost of about one months rent.



Stressing about paying a small regular maintenance fee?  Think about the future...

We estimate that regularly cleaning gutters can increase the life of your roof by up to 10 years.  Clearing out leaves and debris from gutters and downpipes means water isn't trapped and cause decay.  It also means that any issues will be picked up when they are small rather then when they are a problem.  Replacing screws and mending damage early means water won't penetrate and cause more damage.


Yearly inspections and cleaning or your heating and cooling systems is also recommended.  Dust can infiltrate the motor, making it have to work harder and become less effective and less efficient.  Proper cleaning removes this hazard.  Our inspections will also find small issues like replacement seals and if the system needs re-gassing.

" regular maintenance can save you a lot of money"

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